Agent Green cooperates with international producers in the following setup:

1. Agent Green imports and sells the producers brand.

2. Agent Green sells the producers brand on an agentbasis.


Agent Green, subject to agreement, handles following functions:

  • Sales and marketing of products.
  • Selection of products, flavours and recipes.
  • Contribute to alligning the products packaging, price to the market. 
  • Quality assurance and documentation of certifications.
  • Ensure food transport, storage and labelling requirements are met.
  • Calculate, report and pay local Customs & Duties.
  • Develop food/transport packaging, labelling, barcodes, logistics data.
  • Supply product and producer information for marketing purposes.
  • Ensure compliance of agreed volume, quality and deliverytime.
  • Correspondance regarding production, sales, delivery and complaints.


Agent Green has a particular preference for and focus on responsible foods and is increasingly attentive to the African continent.

Are your company considering a distributør or an Agent in Scandinavia, then contact Agent Green for a non-commiting dialogue regarding a possible cooperation.